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Dear Members, it is very unfortunate but we are unable to fly at Pembrey Racing Circuit during the month of July, however this will be reviewed at the end of the month by Mr Phil Davies.

I understand the frustration of not having any information with regards to flying at Pembrey but I have been in contact with Mr Phil Davies on numerous occasions over the past month or so.

Initially when I spoke to Mr Phil Davies we discussed the necesity of a risk assesment that we/LMFC would do to ensure measures would be set in place to ensure safe social distancing and precautions that we would take to ensure club members safety. An E-mail was sent out approximately 4 weeks ago.

After giving Mr Phil Davies a couple of weeks to check the E-mail I decided to go down to the circuit on June 27th, I was unable to find Mr Davies but I did find a member of staff which happened to be his son in law. We spoke about matters with regards to flying and the circuit itself and I found out that members of staff were still on furlough and no admin has been into the office for quite some considerable time, he also stated that the circuit was still officially closed and that they had only 2 racing teams testing during the last week. We concluded our conversation and he would let Phil Know that I had called and that there was an E-mail waiting for him from LMFC.

Yesterday the 6th of July I rang the Pembrey Racing Circuit office to gain further information, a lady answered and told me that Mr Phil Davies was currently in a meeting and the race circuit was still officially closed with ony 2 members of staff returning to work this week. I left my number for Mr Davies to ring me back. Within 5mins the lady rang me back as Mr Davies had just rang her after I had got off the phone, but unfortunately the news was not good as I was told that there would be no access to LMFC during the month of July and a review of the situation would be assessed at the end of the month as the Circuit is still and will reamain officially closed to members of the public.

Sorry that its a bit long winded but I just wanted you all to know what i have done to try and get us back into pembrey  for flying.

I have checked the official Pembrey Racing this morning and it looks like race meeting for this month have been cancelled, but dates are inplace for race meetings during the month of August so hopefully we will also gain access at that time also.


Hope this helps all

kind regards

Christian Anderson (Club Secretary)

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