The LLANELLI MODEL FLYING CLUB (known herein as THE CLUB) is a non-profit organization supported financially by the annual subscriptions of the membership, and any grants or donations received from the Local Authority, Sports Council, or other body. The purpose of THE CLUB is to further the sport of model flying in a safe and friendly manner for the benefit of all. It also aims to spread interest in, and awareness of model flying in a positive light to the public.

The day to day running of THE CLUB shall be vested in a committee of seven fully paid up members, elected by paper ballot, at the Annual General Meeting held on the first Thursday of November at a time and place to be notified to the membership not less than one month before the appointed date. These members shall include the following.

Chairman – responsible for running all meetings, club and committee, and in the event of a split vote shall have the casting vote

Secretary – responsible for taking the minutes of all meetings; reporting back to the club and keeping accurate records of the membership, and their achievements within the sport. The secretary is also responsible for the normal correspondence of the club.

Treasurer – responsible for collecting, dispersing and accounting for all club monies. Expenditures of £400 or more will require the approval of the committee.

Public Relations Officer – responsible for generating positive publicity for all of the club’s activities, including flying activities and achievements, charity work, displays, open days and exhibitions.


The membership will be informed of the AGM Agenda one month before the due date.

Fully paid up members, with a minimum of three years membership, wishing to stand for office, should announce their candidature at least one month in advance of the AGM. The membership, to be informed of their details, in order to decide, by ballot, their suitability for election at the AGM.

Committee members wishing to stand down should announce their retirement at least one month in advance of the AGM.

All suggested Constitution and Rule Book amendments shall be received by the club secretary at least one month before the meeting and the membership informed of all proposals to be voted on at the AGM.

The voting procedure will be as follows: Upon completion of officers’ reports, the existing committee shall step down. A nominated person, who is not standing for committee, shall take the chair for the duration of the voting process. Counters, drawn from the membership, shall process the ballot papers and the temporary chair will announce the results. The new committee shall then take charge of the remainder of the meeting, which will include constitution and rule changes, and any other material appropriate to the AGM.


    The Club shall also appoint no less than three and no more than four Trustees for the purposes of signing, and being party to (on behalf of THE CLUB) in respect of all and any legal documentation necessary to the operation and leasing of flying sites etc.


    Membership shall be open to all without discrimination on the grounds of COLOUR, RACE, CREED, DISABILITY, GENDER, or AGE. All applications shall be scrutinized by the committee and the applicants notified (in writing) of the committee decision as soon as possible after scrutiny.


    Each fully paid up member shall be entitled to one vote on any proposal placed before the membership. A motion before the club shall be deemed to be passed when it carries a majority of TWO THIRDS of the membership voting. All proposals affecting the CONSTITUTION, and or MAJOR CAPITAL OUTLAY shall require a quorum of the membership present before a vote can take place.


    A quorum of the members shall be no less than FORTY PERCENT of the paid up membership. A carrying majority shall be the same as for ordinary votes as mentioned in 3) above.


    The level of the annual subscription for membership shall be on the advice of the club Treasurer in his annual report to the Annual General Meeting and approved by a vote taken at that time.


    The club will hold a general meeting on the first Thursday of each month, and an Annual General Meeting on the first Thursday of each November. Both meetings to be held at a time and place notified to the membership.


    It shall be a prerequisite of membership of THE CLUB that all members must be members of the British Model Flying Association, which is the governing body of the sport of model flying.


    A member in contravention of THE CLUB rules shall first be given a VERBAL warning by a practicing officer of the club, followed by a written warning if the contravention is repeated. Continued contravention will result in a second WRITTEN warning. Should the offending member fail to respond to these measures he/she would be asked to appear before the committee to explain his/her actions. The committee may, if it is considered necessary, suspend or dismiss the offending member. Any un-expired portion of the annual subscription will not be refunded to that member.

This edition revised and published by the Committee of the Llanelli Model Flying Club.

Ratified at AGM November 2013.

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The Llanelli Model Flying Club was formed some 50+ years ago by a small group of enthusiasts, and from those humble beginnings has grown to the point where we have nearing seventy members of all ages and two flying sites.

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