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A number of model air craft have been listed for sale, All Models have been well looked after.

If you are interested  please email

    • Hangar 9 Thunderbolt 81” with Saito 180

    • Sebart Sukhoi 2.2 m span airframe

    • Graupner Taifun Messer Schmitt with gear and os91 45

    • Parkzone Extra 300 with gear

    • Parkzone Spitfire and Gear

    • Kyosho Spitfire and Gear with Os52 FS

    • Hangar 9 Twist 150 and Gear and Saito 180

    • Top Gun Spitfire 71” Span with Gear and Saito 91

    • YT Extra 300L with Gear and OS91 FS

    • Jamara Christen Eagle with Gear and Moki 105

    • Black Horse Bravo 303 with Gear and 32 FS

    • Acrowot Mustang with Gear Blue and OS90 FS

    • Acrowot Mustang with Gear Red and OS91 FS

    • Black Horse Cap232 80” with Gear and Da 50R

    • Multiplex Skycat with Gear and Os52

    • Kyosho AT6 Texan 40 with Gear

    • Parkzone Wildcat with Gear

    • Parkzone Psi Mustange with Gear

    • Parkzone Su26 with Gear and OS120 FS

    • Topflight Fu4 Corsair 75” with Gear and Os 120 FS

    • E-Flight Carbon Z yak 5 with Gear

    • Hawker Typhoon 39” with Gear and Os25

    • Hurricane 71” with Gear and Sc90 FS

    • Skysport Futaba 35 Mhz

    • Futaba T9CP

    • Spektrum DX5 E

Vintage I.C. Engines for sale

From: Marji Whale Email Address: Telephone Number: -7873790171 Message: For your information:-

I have listed 3 Vintage Model Aircraft Engines for Sale on e-bay as follows:-

1.SAITO FA-80T 13cc Flat Twin Vintage Model Engine

2.Super Tigre S2000 Vintage Model Engine

3.Super Tigre S2000/25 Vintage Model Engine

I have attached a Link below should you or any of your Members be intersted:-






Hitec Eclipse

I'm trying to get hold of a Hitec Eclipse 7 channel 35MHz Transmitter. Any one have an old one laying around?

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